2022.04.28: I will give a public lecture on Malmhattanism at the city library of Lund. Read more here.
2022.03.22: I will present Malmhattanism at the High-rise Colloquium organised by Hélène Frichot and Helen Runting as a part of Melbourne Design Week 2022. Read more here.
2022.03.09: I will present my ongoing research into smart housing at the IUR Brown bag seminar on 9 March. Title: “The Many Reincarnations of Swedish Smart Housing (1980–2010)”.
2022.02.15: I will lecture on my book Malmhattanism in the Advanced Architectural Design Master's program at the Architecture school in Lund.
2022.02.07: I will lecture on my book Malmhattanism at Malmö University within the framework in the program for Architecture and Visual Communication.
2022.01.22: I have published a photo essay based on my current research on smart cities and smart housing in the latest issue of Urban Matters. "Expo 67 on Repeat" is available here.
2022.01.09: After a brief hiatus of nine and half years, I've resuscitated my blog. You will find it at:
23.07.2021: My book Malmhattanism will be released on July 23! If you read Swedish, there is more information available here.
08.06.2021: There is a short article by myself and Carina Listerborn on the subject of smart housing now published on the platform Urban Voices. Read the article here.
21.05.2021: I will present my upcoming book Malmhattanism at a 'snap colloquium' on High-rises and real estate in Melbourne organised by Helen Runting & Hélène Frichot.
23.02.2021: I will give a guest lecture about monuments in Berlin in a course at the Università della Svizzera italiana at the Accademia di Architettura.
01.01.2021: I will take up a new position as postdoctoral researcher at Malmö University within the Institute of Urban Research. Read more about the project here.
20.06.2020: New publication out: "Plans for a Plentiful Future" in The Artful Plan.
27.01.2020: I will lecture on an old project of mine: Berlin – Matter of Memory in the PhD course "Tendencies" in the national Swedish research school in architecture, Resarc, on January 28.

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